Long term loans are granted for 12-36 months

We provide long term loans that can be paid off over a period of 12 to 36 months to customers who need working capital for:
  • Purchasing business assets, such as securing new locations or expanding present operation
  • Purchasing goods on a larger scale
  • Purchasing equipment and/or machinery
  • Developing/launching a new product line


To be qualified for a term loan your business should be open and operational for a minimum period of 3 years and have a positive cash flow.

You will be required to provide 3 years of business tax returns, 1 year of personal tax return along with 6 months of your business bank statements to be approved.

Additionally the minimum personal credit score of 620 FICO is required for this product.

What is Annual Interest Rate?

Annual Interest Rate calculates the yearly interest percentage you pay based on your loan balance. This rate excludes any fees.

While you should always consider the total cost of a loan, for longer terms (more than 12 months) you can use the Annual Interest Rate to compare loans of similar duration.


On a 24 month, $100,000 loan with 6.99% Annual Interest Rate and weekly payments, your interest cost is $13,980, for a total loan payback amount of $113,980.