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“​I definitely see me and Structurefunding having a long relationship and working together. Everything that I’ve done has always been positive out of that loan. Everything.”
Mike Drewry
MJ’s Towing & Repair
New Hampshire
Automotive Business Loan Review

Automotive Businesses We Serve

Whether you need an auto repair shop loan, car wash financing or working capital for your car parts store, Structurefunding may be able to help! We do more than just auto repair shop financing. We are happy to service your automotive business of any kind.

Auto Business Loans

Loans up to $150,000
With automotive business loans from $2,500 to $150,000, you can pay your bills, buy or replace equipment, expand your business, and more - all without having to wrestle with the traditional bank lending process.

Get Started

Simple application and approval

An auto business loan is a simple loan that is based principally on the health of your business, not the state of your credit. A little information and 3 months’ credit card or bank statements are all that’s needed to get started. We’ll then take a look at your time in business, and other factors, to determine if you qualify for an automotive small business loan and what your terms are. Up to 60% of businesses in our core industries get approved. Whether you are looking to finance your auto repair shop or auto parts store, Structurefunding has the experience and options to back you up. ​

Auto business loans for nearly anything you need

Some banks won’t give you funds to maintain or upgrade your equipment. And forget about money to manage your cash flow. Through Structurefunding, you can access the financing you need to keep your shop in mint condition, so your customers can continue to enjoy quick automotive repairs and excellent service. ​

Approval that’s based on strength

It’s the health of your business, not just your personal credit score that matters. Your month-to-month performance and time in business are more important than bad credit. Additionally, tax liens up to $175,000 and bankruptcies over 12 months ago will not necessarily disqualify your business. ​

Automotive business loans in a few days, not a few weeks

Your automotive business customers expect quick fixes and honest, trustworthy service. We want to provide the same to you. Your automotive business loan approval can be turned-around in 24 hours, with funds in your account in as fast as 2 business days. Apply for an automotive business loan today.

Automotive Merchant Cash Advances

Open your new automotive business, or expand your existing business with a Merchant Cash Advance. You can access cash now by selling a portion of your business’s future credit card sales. It’s not a loan: it is a purchase and sale. Your remittances are different day-to-day based on your daily sales. You’ll send a smaller amount on slow days, larger on busy days, based on a flat percentage.
The advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance
A stellar credit history is not required to qualify, and no personal collateral is needed. The Merchant Cash Advance is quick and easy when compared to other options such as a traditional loan. You can remain 100% focused on growing the business, as it should be, while remittances are made through processing regular credit card sales. Use a Merchant Cash Advance to build your automotive business. You may want to open a new shop, or dealership or add to an existing business, no matter what a Merchant Cash Advance through Structurefunding will help you move your initiative forward! The process also automatically stops as soon as your business delivers the total amount future credit card receipts it’s sold.