Beauty Salon and Spa Financing Options

Get the business loan or Merchant Cash Advance you seek to build the business you love. You help your customers become the best they can be. Let us do the same for your hair, nail, or beauty salon with spa and beauty salon funding through Structurefunding.

Beauty salon and spa loans to support your business

Structurefunding can help your spa or beauty salon get the small business loan it is looking for to expand. We provide access to spa and salon equipment financing, inventory loans, or working capital to attract new customers. It’s your call. Don’t let the traditional loan process keep you from getting the working capital you need to make your business better.

Small business loan approval that’s based on success

If your monthly gross sales are strong, give us a call. Even if your business isn’t so hot right now, Structurefunding may still be able to help. Bad credit isn’t necessarily a barrier, and unlike most financing for beauty salons and spas, a business plan or personal collateral is not needed.

Seasonal loans to handle the high and low months

We know beauty salons and spas have to deal with income fluctuations. And you need to keep up with the newest trends. Thankfully, funds are released fast once your business is approved—in as little as 2 business days*

Additional capital to keep your business beautiful

Access the beauty salon, nail or spa loan you need more than once! It is important to know that you can refinance when your business is getting close to paying off its first loan. Nearly 70% of eligible businesses do business again with Structurefunding. ​

Merchant Cash Advances for Spas and Beauty Salons Don’t think a business loan is right for you? Look into an MCA from Structurefunding

Merchant Cash Advances from Structurefunding may be exactly what you need for beauty salon and spa funding. An MCA is a flexible working capital option that allows access to funds that your business needs. It isn’t a loan; it is a purchase and sale. Businesses can access funds quickly by selling a portion of their future credit card sales. The process stops automatically when your spa or beauty salon delivers the total amount future credit card receipts that it’s sold.

The advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance for beauty salons and spas

A stellar credit history is not required to qualify, and no personal collateral is needed. A Merchant Cash Advance is quick and easy when compared to other options such as a traditional loan. You can remain 100% focused on growing your spa or salon, as it should be, while remittances are made through processing regular credit card sales. Use an MCA to build your spa or beauty salon. You may want to open a new location or expand your existing business; no matter what, a Merchant Cash Advance from Structurefunding will help you move your initiative forward!

*Funding time calculation reflects timing from approval to initiation of ACH funds transfer. Settlement of funds to the business bank account may take additional time.