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From beauty shops to auto shops, Structurefunding helps small businesses access the business equipment loans they need to improve or expand.

​Business Equipment Loan: An alternative to traditional bank loans

Replacing business equipment usually goes one of two ways. You’re planning to swap out equipment in the slow season, or the stove breaks in your restaurant during your busiest time. Either way, how do you quickly get the funds you need to keep going? Equipment loans through Structurefunding could be the answer. If you’re looking to make your business run more smoothly, but don’t think you can secure a typical business loan, give us a call. ​

A quote in days, not weeks

You can’t wait weeks to replace useless or outdated equipment. Once you get in touch, we aim to get you a quote within minutes, and get funds into your account in as little as 2 business days.

​A manageable payment schedule

Equipment needs always come back around again. You don’t want to be buying new equipment while still paying for what you have. Structurefunding can help solve the problem by providing access to 4- to 24-month loans. Whether you want to pay off your equipment loans fast or take a little more time, we can find business loan terms that work for you.

Business Equipment Loans from $2,500 to $150,000

Through Structurefunding, businesses can access working capital with minimal bank or credit card statements and an easy application. And we have business coordinators standing by if you’d rather complete the process offline. That’s all it takes to apply to access a business loan up to $150,000—no business plan or personal collateral required.