Restaurant Loans, Financing and Funding

Get access to the restaurant funding your restaurant business needs right now. Keep your tables turning with the food, service, and décor that delight customers.

Restaurant Funding That Fits Your Business

Your restaurant has busy days and busy seasons. And with payments for space, staff, and supplies due each month, you may feel that the last thing you need is another fixed cost. On the other hand, perhaps you prefer the predictability of fixed payments. We offer access to three types of restaurant funding:
  • With restaurant term loans, you’ll benefit from fixed payments, a greater focus on future cash flow, more flexibility, and faster approvals than with traditional bank loans.
  • With a TrakLoan, payments are based on your credit and debit card sales volumes, so they will go up or down based on how well your restaurant does each day in payment card sales.
  • With a restaurant Merchant Cash Advance, remittances are based on your credit and debit card sales volumes, so they will go up or down based on how well your restaurant does each day in payment card sales.

“I need restaurant funding that fits my needs.”

We never take a cookie cutter approach. Whether you need a Merchant Cash Advance or a restaurant business loan, our experts will help you weigh your options—and then structure solutions based on your restaurant’s unique situation.

Restaurant Loans: Get the Restaurant Financing Your Business Needs

A recipe for success with Structurefunding: Restaurant Business Loans
When your restaurant business needs cash, you need to access it fast. Maybe you’re expanding your restaurant. Perhaps you’ve found a great price on better equipment. Seasonal swings could have left you short on funds. Whatever the reason, you don’t have the time to spend waiting and hoping through a lengthy restaurant loan approval process. You have patrons to serve and tables to turn. That’s why many businesses get restaurant business loans through Structurefunding. The quick and easy process helps restaurant owners like you deliver the service they know their customers deserve.

Restaurant Equipment Financing and more

You look for people who come through, whether it’s with equipment, ingredients, supplies, service, or capital. At Structurefunding, we’ve provided access to over $5 billion in restaurant equipment financing and funding for businesses just like yours, including some of the nation’s most successful restaurateurs. Our outstanding service; fast approvals; and flexible, no-nonsense approach to restaurant finance keep our clients happy and their businesses growing. Our eligible customers renew an average of two times!

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Loans Designed for your business

Each small business loan for restaurants is designed for the specific needs of restaurant owners like you:
  • Expand Your Business:
    add more seating, start a catering service, host a promotional event
  • Modernize Your Space:
    upgrade your kitchen, invest in new computers, change the décor, update your restaurant equipment
  • Manage the Day-to-Day:
    capitalize on inventory deals, handle payroll, ride out seasonal swings

A Restaurant Merchant Cash Advance From Structurefunding

“What exactly is a Restaurant Merchant Cash Advance?”
A Merchant Cash Advance allows restaurants to get the funding they need now and it can be used for any business purpose from payroll to restaurant improvements. It works by selling a portion of your business’ future credit card receipts, once your restaurant delivers the total amount of future credit card receipts that it sold, the process automatically stops.

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Custom Merchant Cash Advances

Structurefunding offers MCAs for restaurants and businesses just like yours. We will have our dedicated staff work with you to come up with the perfect working capital plan for your business. You may be looking to update your interior to a more modern feel, expand or upgrade your kitchen, or purchase additional equipment. Our staff is here to help you decide if a restaurant Merchant Cash Advance is right for you.