Working Capital Solutions for Trade & Services

​From auto repair and construction to neighborhood salons, we make it easy to access the funds your business needs to achieve more today There are times when you need to spend money to make money. Adding new equipment can be costly, but it can also be enormously valuable. Consider service, efficiencies, opportunities and trade funding options as you assess the value of adding new equipment for your business ​

“My cash flow is all over the place.”

Cash flow for businesses in the trade and service sectors can be very unpredictable. A working capital solution for trade and service that ebbs and flows with payment card receivables is often the right choice. On the other hand, you may prefer the predictability of fixed payments. We offer access to two types of working capital funding:
  • With a Merchant Cash Advance, remittances are based on and drawn from your card sales volumes, so they will go up or down based on how well your business does in payment card sales each day.
  • With a business loan, you will benefit from fixed payments, a greater focus on future cash flow, more flexibility, and faster approvals than with traditional bank loans.

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    Keep your customers satisfied

    Keeping your customers satisfied is key when running a service business. That means staying on top of the latest trends and techniques—and providing the right services and a better experience than the competition. Whether you’re investing in something new, or keeping up with existing obligations, you need a trusted source for access to working capital. ​

    “My customers depend on me, so I need reliable access to trade and service funding.”

    Getting traditional financial products can be difficult, especially given the recent economic cycles. You may run on thin margins, with not much extra in case of emergencies or sudden opportunities. You need a reliable source for alternative trade and service funding that gives you access to capital when you need it—quickly, without a lot of red tape. At Structurefunding, we’ve provided access to over $4 billion in working capital for trade and service businesses just like yours. Our outstanding service, fast approvals, and flexible, no-nonsense approach keep our clients happy and their businesses growing. In fact, almost 3 out 4 eligible customers are repeats, proving that when you meet customer needs, you can create customer loyalty. ​

    “What’s a Merchant Cash Advance?”

    A Merchant Cash Advance allows trade and service business to access the working capital they need now. Simply put, it’s a “cash-flow friendly” way to access capital. It’s not a loan; it’s a purchase and sale of your businesses future payment card receivables. Instead of sending large amounts each month, a fixed percentage of your credit and debit card sales are remitted daily, or as often as you batch out with your payment card processor. Once your trade or service business delivers the total amount of future credit card receipts that were sold originally, the process automatically stops.

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